Guide to Create a Discussion Forum on Median UI

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Guide to Create a Discussion Forum on Median UI

Hello Guys, Welcome to TheWebTrick. If you are searching for Guide to Create a Discussion Forum on Median UI 1.6 then this article will be very helpful for you. In this post, then this article will be very helpful for you. In this post, we will learn how to Create a Discussion Forum on Median UI. So, follow the easy steps and learn more about adding discussion forum on Median UI.

There are several conditions that you must meet before creating a Discussion Forum:

  1. Please note that each version of the Median UI template uses different CSS, HTML and Javascript codes. So the tutorial for the previous version of Median UI is not necessarily suitable for the next version.

  2. Median UI 1.6 does not need to use the Disqus comment field, because it already supports reading images in the comments column. So we created a simple discussion forum, directly using the default comment column from Blogger.

How to Create a Discussion Forum on Median UI 1.6

We distribute this tutorial in three steps, first creating discussion forum page and second editing Javascript codes, and last but not least remove breadcrumbs. All steps are very easy, just follow the steps given below carefully.

Next you have to copy the provided script to your Discussion Forum page:

  1. Open the 'Blogger' and Press Pages in Blogger Dashboard,
  2. Create a New Page then add page Title : Discussion Forum
  3. In Blogger page editor, switch to HTML mode by clicking icon and then selecting HTML View
  4. Write a custom message into the page. for example like this
  5. This is a discussion forum where you can ask questions and chat casually about everything. You can post pictures here.

  6. Publish your page by clicking icon at the top right corner.

Enable the Comment Menu on Page

  1. On Blogger dashboard, click Themes
  2. Click on icon next to the Customize button
  3. Select Edit HTML
  4. Find the tag <!-[Blogger Comments]->
  5. You will find code like below:
  6. <b:include cond='data:post.allowComments and data:view.isPost and !data:view.isPreview' data='post' name='threadedComments-modifV3'/>
  7. Replace it with the below code
  8. <b:include cond='data:post.allowComments and data:view.isSingleItem and !data:view.isPreview' data='post' name='threadedComments-modifV3'/>

How to Remove Breadcrumbs

  1. Find the tag on Blogger Themes
    <!--[ Post brdCmb ]-->
  2. Change this code
  3. <b:include cond='data:view.isSingleItem' data='post' name='breadcrumb'/>
  4. Be like this
  5. <b:include cond='data:view.isPost' data='post' name='breadcrumb'/>
  6. Save your theme by clicking icon at the top right of HTML editor

So this is all about Guide to Create a discussion forum on Median UI, I hope you will not have any problem to make it and you have created pricing table well. If you facing any problem regarding this tutorial then let me know in comments.

If you find this article helpful then do share it with your friends and give us your feedback.

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