BEST Smart SEO prompts for ChatGPT

TOP Smart SEO prompts for ChatGPT to elevate your search engine optimization skills.
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TOP Smart SEO prompts for ChatGPT to elevate your search engine optimization skills. These prompts are useful for both experienced SEO professionals and beginners, providing valuable insights and ideas for keyword research, link building, on-page optimization and more.

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Unlock the full potential of your SEO efforts with these exclusive prompts designed for ChatGPT. These prompts will empower you to craft exceptional content that will boost your website's search engine rankings and drive growth for your business. Let's explore how ChatGPT can help you reach new heights in your search engine optimization strategy.

  1. "Generate a list of related keywords for [topic]"
  2. "Identify long-tail keywords for [topic] content optimization"
  3. "Find top-performing keywords for [topic]"
  4. "Create meta descriptions and title tags for [topic]"
  5. "Find opportunities for internal linking related to [topic]"
  6. "Generate ideas for blog posts and article topics on [topic]"
  7. "Research industry-specific terminology for use in [topic] content"
  8. "Find authoritative websites to acquire backlinks for [topic] content"
  9. "Generate a list of LSI keywords for [topic]"
  10. "Create an XML sitemap example related to [topic]"
  11. "Research the best meta tags for [topic]"
  12. "Find keywords with low competition for [topic]"
  13. "Create a list of synonyms for [topic] keywords"
  14. "Research the best internal linking structure for [topic] content"
  15. "Generate a list of questions people ask about [topic]"
  16. "Create a list of the best alt tags for images related to [topic]"
  17. "Create a list of related subtopics for [topic]"
  18. "Find the best time to publish content related to [topic]"
  19. "Research the best external linking strategies for [topic]"
  20. "Find the most popular tools used for [topic] SEO"
  21. "Create a list of potential influencers for [topic]"
  22. "Research the best schema markup for [topic]"
  23. "Find the best header tags for [topic] content"
  24. "Create a list of potential link-building opportunities for [topic]"
  25. "Research the best anchor text for [topic] backlinks"
  26. "Find the best keywords for [topic] PPC campaigns"
  27. "Create a list of potential guest blogging opportunities for [topic]"
  28. "Research the best local SEO strategies for [topic]"
  29. "Find the best keywords for [topic] voice search optimization"
  30. "Research the best analytics tools for [topic] website performance"
  31. "List the best keywords for [topic] featured snippets"
  32. "Create a list of potential partnerships for [topic]"
  33. "Research the best tactics for [topic] mobile optimization"
  34. "Find the best keywords for [topic] video optimization"
  35. "Research the best tactics for [topic] e-commerce optimization. Provide keyword clusters."
  36. "Find the best keywords for [topic]"
  37. "Create a list of potential affiliate marketing opportunities for [topic]"
  38. "What are the best affiliate marketing websites for [topic]"
  39. "What are the best tactics for [topic] international SEO"
  40. "Find the best keywords for [topic] AMP optimization"
  41. "Create a list of potential podcast or podcast guest opportunities for [topic]"
  42. "Research the best tactics for [topic] Google My Business optimization"
  43. "Find the best keywords for [topic] social media optimization"
  44. "Find popular content topics related to [topic]"
  45. "Research the best SEO tactics for [topic] and provide actionable steps"
  46. "Create a list of potential video series or webinar ideas related to [topic]"
  47. "Research competitor strategies related to [topic]"
  48. "Find canonical tag examples related to [topic]"
  49. "Create an example keyword list targeting multiple geographic locations for [topic]"
  50. "Generate keyword ideas targeting different stages of the customer purchase funnel for [topic]"
  51. "Identify industry hashtags related to [topic]."

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