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In the world of SEO and domain flipping, finding expired domains with good domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) can be a game-changer. These domains come with valuable backlinks and can give your website a significant boost in search engine rankings. In this blog post, we will guide you through an easy and efficient process of finding expired domains with excellent DA and PA using Ahrefs, a powerful SEO tool.


Step 1:
Identify the High Authority Domain To start, you need to identify a high authority domain from which you want to acquire backlinks. For this demonstration, we will use the popular website bbc.com as an example.


Step 2:

Access Ahrefs Tools Make sure you have access to Ahrefs, a comprehensive SEO tool that provides valuable insights into backlinks, organic traffic, and more. If you don't have an account, consider signing up for their services.


Step 3:

Enter the Desired Domain Once you're in the Ahrefs dashboard, enter the domain bbc.com into the Site Explorer section. This will allow you to explore the backlinks associated with bbc.com.


Step 4:

Select "Linked Domain" and Apply Filters Navigate to the Outgoing Links section and choose "Linked Domain." This will display the domains that bbc.com is linking to. To narrow down your search, apply filters based on your requirements.


Step 5:

Filter by Dofollow and TLDs In the "Link filter" section, select the option for Dofollow links to ensure you acquire domains with valuable link juice. Additionally, if you're interested in specific domain extensions, click on the TLDs section to filter accordingly.


Step 6:

Export the List Once you have applied the necessary filters, export the list of domains to a CSV file. Note that some sellers may restrict the export to the first 1000 domains, so make sure to sort the list by the "first seen" column in descending order to prioritize the most recent domains.


Step 7:

Evaluate Available Domains Head over to Namebright (https://www.namebright.com/BulkSearch), a domain registrar, and utilize their bulk search feature. Copy and paste the list of domains (up to 5000) to check their availability for registration. If you have a limited budget, focus on selecting affordable options. You can refer to the domain list at tld-list_com for further guidance.


Step 8:

Refine the List If your exported list exceeds 5000 domains, it's advisable to further refine it based on the desired DA and PA. Consider selecting domains with DA/PA values ranging from 10 to 60, as they generally provide a good balance between authority and availability.


Step 9:

Check Spam Score To ensure the quality of the domains you are considering, assess their spam score using a tool like Moz's Free SEO Tools (https://moz.com/free-seo-tools). This will help you identify domains with potential spam issues and avoid investing in low-quality assets.


By following this straightforward process using Ahrefs and other helpful tools, you can efficiently search for expired domains with desirable DA and PA. Acquiring such domains with quality backlinks can significantly benefit your SEO efforts and boost your website's visibility. Remember to evaluate the domains thoroughly before making any purchase to ensure their relevance, authority, and potential for success in your online endeavors.

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