List of Google Dorks to Find Bug Bounty Program

List of Google Dorks to Find Bug Bounty Program
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Want to find bug bounty programs? We've got you covered! We made a list of easy Google Dorks that can help you find these programs. Just copy and paste these words into Google and see what you find. Let's get started!

List of Google Dorks for Finding Bug Bounty Programs

  1.  inurl /bug bounty
  2.  inurl : / security
  3.  inurl:security.txt
  4.  inurl:security "reward"
  5.  inurl : /responsible disclosure
  6.  inurl : /responsible-disclosure/ reward
  7.  inurl : / responsible-disclosure/ swag
  8.  inurl : / responsible-disclosure/ bounty
  9.  inurl:'/responsible disclosure' hoodie
  10.  responsible disclosure swag r=h:com
  11.  responsible disclosure hall of fame
  12.  inurl:responsible disclosure $50
  13.  responsible disclosure europe
  14.  responsible disclosure white hat
  15.  white hat program
  16.  insite:"responsible disclosure" -inurl:nl
  17.  intext responsible disclosure
  18.  site eu responsible disclosure
  19.  site .nl responsible disclosure
  20.  site responsible disclosure
  21.  responsible disclosure:sites
  22.  responsible disclosure r=h:nl
  23.  responsible disclosure r=h:uk
  24.  responsible disclosure r=h:eu
  25.  responsible disclosure bounty r=h:nl
  26.  responsible disclosure bounty r=h:uk
  27.  responsible disclosure bounty r=h:eu
  28.  responsible disclosure swag r=h:nl
  29.  responsible disclosure swag r=h:uk
  30.  responsible disclosure swag r=h:eu
  31.  responsible disclosure reward r=h:nl
  32.  responsible disclosure reward r=h:uk
  33.  responsible disclosure reward r=h:eu
  34.  "powered by bugcrowd"
  35.  "submit vulnerability report"
  36.  "submit vulnerability report" | "powered by bugcrowd" | "powered by hackerone"
  37. "responsible disclosure"
  38.  intext:"we take security very seriously"
  40.  inurl:'vulnerability-disclosure-policy' reward
  41.  intext:Vulnerability Disclosure site:nl
  42.  intext:Vulnerability Disclosure site:eu
  43. intext:security report reward
  44. intext:responsible disclosure reward
  45.  "security vulnerability" "report"
  46.  inurl"security report"
  47.  "responsible disclosure" university
  48.  inurl:/responsible-disclosure/ university
  49.  buy bitcoins "bug bounty"
  50.  inurl:/security ext:txt "contact"
  51.  "powered by synack"
  52.  intext:responsible disclosure bounty
  53.  inurl: private bugbountyprogram
  54.  inurl:/.well-known/security ext:txt
  55.  inurl:/.well-known/security ext:txt intext:hackerone
  56.  inurl:/.well-known/security ext:txt -hackerone -bugcrowd -synack -openbugbounty
  57.  inurl:reporting-security-issues
  58.  inurl:security-policy.txt ext:txt
  59.  site:..* inurl:bug inurl:bounty
  60.  site:help.. inurl:bounty
  61.  site:support.. intext:security report reward
  62.  intext:security report monetary inurl:security  
  63.  intext:security report reward inurl:report
  64.  site:security.. inurl: bounty
  65. inurl:bug inurl:bounty
  66. intext:security report reward
  67. intext:security report reward
  68.  "vulnerability reporting policy"
  69.  "van de melding met een minimum van een"
  70.  inurl:/security ext:txt "contact"
  71.  inurl:responsible-disclosure-policy
  72.  "If you believe you've found a security vulnerability"
  73.  intext:"BugBounty" and intext:"BTC" and intext:"reward"
  74.  intext:bounty inurl:/security
  75.  inurl:"bug bounty" and intext:"€" and inurl:/security
  76.  inurl:"bug bounty" and intext:"$" and inurl:/security
  77.  inurl:"bug bounty" and intext:"INR" and inurl:/security
  78.  inurl:/security.txt "mailto*" -magento
  79.  /trust/report-a-vulnerability
  80.  site:*.edu intext:security report vulnerability
  81.  "cms" bug bounty
  82.  "If you find a security issue"  "reward"
  83.  "responsible disclosure" intext:"you may be eligible for monetary compensation"
  84.  inurl: "responsible disclosure", "bug bounty", "bugbounty"
  85.  intext: we offer a bounty
  86.  responsible disclosure inurl:in
  87.  site:*.br responsible disclosure
  88.  site:*.at responsible disclosure
  89.  site:*.be responsible disclosure
  90.  site:*.au responsible disclosure
  91.  site:*/security.txt "bounty"

Answering Common Questions

Q: What are bug bounty programs? A: Bug bounty programs are like treasure hunts. Good hackers search websites for problems and tell the owners. The owners give rewards to the hackers.

Q: Can I use these words easily? A: Yes, it's easy! Just copy and paste them into Google. Google will show you websites that match these words.

Q: Is it important to be fair while using Google Dorks? A: Yes, always use your skills for good things. Only look for problems on websites that say it's okay.


With this simple list of Google Dorks, you can quickly find bug bounty programs. Copy and paste the words into Google's search box, and start your journey to find rewards for helping websites!

Important: Always remember to use your skills for good and follow the rules of bug bounty programs.

Ready to explore? Let's find bug bounty programs and make the internet safer!

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