An Easy Way to Get Backlinks Indexed Quickly by Google

An Easy Way to Get Backlinks Indexed Quickly by Google
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Knowing how to get backlinks indexed quickly is crucial for anyone diving into SEO. Backlinks continue to play a crucial role in determining a website's ranking on Google's search results.

Backlinks have to wait to be noticed through a process called crawling, handled by Google's bots. Are there specific tricks to speed up the indexing of these backlinks? Let's find out in this article.

How Long Does it Take for Backlinks to Get Indexed?

As you might know, backlinks are a crucial part of off-page SEO and are fundamental to a website's success in the SEO world. But how long does it take for backlinks to get indexed?

The timeframe depends on how often a website posts content, how frequently it's crawled, and how old the pages are. More frequent updates mean faster indexing. Older pages, on the other hand, take longer to get crawled.

For example, if someone comments on a new page or when Google hasn't indexed it yet, it might take about 1 to 2 days for the backlink to show up. However, for a 5-year-old page without updates for 3 years, indexing a backlink could take weeks or even months.

Ways to Ensure Backlinks Get Indexed

Let's explore some strategies to make sure your backlinks get indexed quickly by Google:

  1. Avoiding Spam Backlinks

    Remember, a good backlink is one that's naturally given by others, not self-made or excessive. Google might ignore backlinks if they seem like spam, as noted by Google's Web Trend Analyst, John Muller.

  2. Speeding Up Backlink Indexing by Pinging the Backlink Page

    Pinging is a way to notify search engines about new pages for indexing. Use free ping services like Pingler to request indexing. However, remember that pinging isn't meant to boost a website's ranking in search engines.

  3. Leveraging Second-tier Backlinks

    Utilize second-tier backlinks to expedite the indexing process.

    • Tier 1 Scheme: Websites that provide backlinks > Main website.
    • Tier 2 Scheme: Websites that provide backlinks 2 > Websites that provide backlinks 1 > Main website.

    Essentially, creating an extra backlink could get it indexed by Google faster. Services like or offer this tier for free, and after verification and fetching the backlink link in Search Console, the indexing usually occurs within hours.

  4. Using Google Webmaster Tools to Inspect URLs

    If you control the website where the backlink will be placed, Google Webmaster Tools' URL inspection function lets you inform Google about new pages, allowing up to 500 URLs submitted per week. This effectively prioritizes crawling and speeds up backlink indexing.

  5. Utilizing Social Networking Sites for Backlink Indexing

    Use various social media platforms to share URLs containing backlinks from your website. This not only accelerates backlink indexing but also attracts more visitors to your site, something that Google notices naturally.

Quick Indexing of Backlinks via Indexification

Apart from the mentioned strategies, Indexification is a service commonly used by SEO experts. This service shortens URLs and performs RSS feed submission, pinging, sitemap creation, and content page creation and pinging using active links. Indexification guarantees Google's detection of submitted links, allowing around 50,000 links per day for a fee of approximately $17.97 per month.


To sum up, there are several strategies, both free and paid, to ensure swift indexing of backlinks by Google. Besides Indexification, services like OneHourIndexing and Lindexed offer different features and costs. I hope this information is helpful.

People Also Ask (PAA):

Q: How do you check if backlinks are indexed?

A: To check if backlinks are indexed, you can use Google Search Console's "Coverage" report or perform a search using "site:" followed by the URL where the backlink is placed to see if Google has indexed it.

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