How to Submit Your Website to Google News

How to Submit Your Website to Google News
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Would you like to boost your blog traffic quickly? Registering your blog with Google News might be the perfect solution.

Google News is a service provided by Google that showcases the latest news from blogs or news websites.

Articles featured on Google News are highly relevant to users' interests, language, and location preferences within the Google service.

But is it only news blogs that can be registered with Google News? Not at all! Google News also features articles from tech blogs, education, health, and various other niche blogs.

So, no matter the niche of your blog, all types can be registered on Google News.

Benefits of Registering Your Blog with Google News

There are several advantages to being listed as a Google Publisher Center or Google News:

  1. Boost visibility and visitors to your blog on Google.
  2. Speed up indexing for newly published articles.
  3. Enhance the credibility and authority of your blog as a trusted information source.
  4. Opportunity to get backlinks from other blogs that cite your articles.
  5. Increase blog revenue from Google AdSense ads or other monetization programs.

However, to register your blog with Google News, you must meet certain terms and conditions set by Google.

You'll need to follow the correct steps during registration to be accepted as a Google News publisher.

What are these requirements? Here's the breakdown:

Requirements to Register with Google News

Pay attention to these terms and conditions to expedite your blog's acceptance when registering with Google News:

  1. Ensure your blog articles are of good quality, informative, and relevant. Google News tends to favor sites presenting current and valuable news.
  2. Regularly publish new and useful articles on your blog. Google News prefers sites that are consistently updated with fresh information.
  3. Maintain a simple and organized blog layout—both in user navigation and overall appearance.
  4. Create pages for About, Contact, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy to verify the authenticity and credibility of your blog.
  5. Use a simple, keyword-focused permanent URL related to the article's main topic.
  6. Ensure you have a suitable News Sitemap XML. This helps Google index and understand the structure of news articles on your site.


<urlset xmlns=""> <url> <loc></loc> <news:news> <news:publication_date>2023-10-12</news:publication_date> <news:title>Article 1 Title</news:title> </news:news> </url> <!-- Add more URLs similarly --> </urlset> 

After meeting these requirements, follow these steps to register your blog with Google News:

You can apply these steps to both Blogspot and WordPress, with perhaps slight differences in the feed section, but overall, it's the same process.

  • Enter your domain address and blog name, then click "Add Publication."

  • Connect to Google Webmaster; if you haven't, learn how to register your blog with Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Click "Open" in the Google News menu.

  • Fill in all required data, like email contact for updates and upload square and landscape logos for your blog.

  • Create a new section in the "Content Settings" page.
  • Title the section "Latest Articles."
  • Fill the Feed URL with your blog's domain name:
  • Then click "Add."
  • On the next page, click "Review," then fill in the Submission Form as shown in the image.
  • After completion, click "Submit," then on the next page, click "Publish." This will review your blog's registration with Google News.

The review process may take up to about a week. Some blogs get approved in 24 hours, while others take up to 5 days.

Continuously update new articles on your blog at least twice a day to expedite the review process.

Do you now understand how to register your blog with Google News?

If you do, go ahead and register your blog with Google News to speed up indexing and attract more visitors from Google News Discover.

By the way, Google News Discover is similar, but it's indexed differently in Google News.

Discover is like Google's "For You Page" (FYP). If even one of your articles gets into Google News Discover, your blog traffic will significantly increase.

That's all I can share about registering a blog with Google News. Hopefully, it's beneficial and adds to your knowledge as you learn about blogging.

People Also Ask:

How long does it take for Google News to review a blog application?

The review process for a blog application on Google News may take up to approximately a week. However, some blogs get approved within 24 hours, while others might take up to 5 days.

What are the key requirements to register a blog with Google News?

The essential requirements for registering a blog with Google News include: high-quality and relevant content, regular publication of informative articles, a clean and organized blog layout, essential pages such as About, Contact, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy, simple and keyword-focused URLs, and an appropriate News Sitemap XML for article indexing.

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